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Portfolio Critique

First One: Sallee Design

-Keyboard integration



-need better access to links

-nav widgets and hover over images are good

-main image gallery a bit too tall

Second One: Galpin Industries

-font hard to look at/over done style

-looks like a construction company website


-image rollover to color is good

-some images are unnecessarily colored (Canada image on contact page)

Talent vs Practice

Antonio Reimer

Caitlin Fancy

Tom Nugent

Devin St.Jean


·         Environmental parameters directly influence latent talent.

·         Good genetics mixed with practice creates optimal mental capacity.

·         Increasing positive energy towards positive talents.

·         Everyone has strength and weaknesses we learn how to deal with our weaknesses by using our strengths

·         If you don’t have the mental capacity to do something you might not be able to even do it. EXAMPLE PLAYING THE DRUMS.

·         Talent should come naturally




·         As long as the environmental situation is the same anyone can reach high expectations.

·         Practice makes perfect, whatever you set your mind to doing you can accomplish it

·         Increasing practice increases success.

·         Talents can be lost if you don’t practice.